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tease domme
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Do you like being teased and denied by women who like to manipulate your horny penis? Maybe it feels good for you, to suffer in chastity at the hands of a seductive, bratty, or cruel female dominant. You become putty in our hands as we use our best assets to control your cock and your orgams. You are not allowed to cum without permission! You should be locked in chastity, relentlessly teased by your sexy online Dommes. Your poor penis has never been so purple and drippy!

Small penises, especially, have to pay for their inadequacy. You have to admit the humiliation you feel about having a small penis. You have to blush profusely whenever you are aware of your small penis, which is very often, because you are such a pervert. Your small penis has never pleased a woman, and it never will. You are destined to a life of being tormented, teased, and denied, while dominant women verbally degrade and laugh at you. Which you pay for them to do.

And if you are a compulsive masturbator, you need to be laughed at. You need to be forced to masturbate without cumming, unless we decide to give you a ruined orgasm. Make you wank wank wank until the point when you are about to cum, and then force you to slap your balls as the painful and pleasureless orgasm shoots out of your ridiculous penis-hole.

Look at you, a horny submissive male who is getting turned on by these humiliating words. You are getting a stiffy, aren't you? You want to be as pathetic and submissive as possible for the pretty internet ladies. You need to be teased and denied, humiliated, giggled at, forced to do degrading things. This is what your "sex life" has come to. Always remember that; it will make you hard.

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